About Me

Hello! I am Helen Pollock. After a twenty year career in Marketing and PR, I now help podcasters and entrepreneurs to write great non-fiction books and written business content. I have worked for Aston Martin, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Blitz Games among others, as well as Marketing and PR agencies. What I enjoy the most is helping people to use written content to achieve their goals in life.  My specialisms are food, family, travel, education and property, although I work with folk that fall outside of these sectors too. If you’ve got a story you want to tell, I can help you.

Some fun facts…

I speak several languages, have travelled extensively and lived abroad both as a child and an adult. I have some great travel stories, as you can imagine!  I love food and cooking, which any of my friends will confirm. I’m originally from Yorkshire and have an inherent need to feed others, so that works out quite well!

What people say about me….

I am blushing right now, but here are some lovely things people I have worked with have to say about me. Thanks guys!

People I work with…

My expertise is in writing, helping others to write and also in building an audience, which works really well for both my writing and coaching clients. However, additional specialist skills are often needed in order to create a book or  publish great business content. Happily, although The Content Doc is just me, I am not alone. I have a great network of trusted colleagues who can assist if we need a specialist.