Jessica Mooney

Helen’s 1:1 book coaching programme has been the most amazing foundation for me to write my own book. I had the ideas – I just didn’t know what to do next. This is where Helen’s wealth of knowledge and experience comes in. She shares with you practical How-To’s in book writing from basic research, useful resources, tools and formats all the way through to general advice about the publishing industry, such as self publishing versus finding the right traditional publisher.  Helen’s approach to coaching is informal, which allows for creative thinking and conversation about ideas, which Helen is expert at. Each month Helen arranges our meeting and we get together to discuss progress, ideas and practical solutions to keep the momentum up.  The weekly emails with lots of helpful tips and advice assist with  the flow of the programme, so for the full six months it’s a project which you feel completely supported with.  Helen’s flexibility allows for the coaching programme to fit in with your needs so there is never any pressure to have done certain tasks although the monthly meetings are great at plotting everything down and making sure things are going on the right track.  If you are thinking about writing a book yourself,  I would highly recommend Helen’s book coaching programmes.