PR and Writing

Isn’t PR corporate lying?

That’s what a colleague asked me, when I joined an organisation as Head of PR and Marketing a few years ago. “Er, no!” was my slightly-taken-aback answer.  When I set up Bergamot, I chose “Storytelling Director” as my job title. That’s what PR is in simple terms. It is telling a business’ story, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  It is not about telling lies – that’s not only unethical, but also stupid, as you tend to get found out!

Ways and means

In the past, PR often meant things like press releases and features that were negotiated with media editors, but that has changed a lot. These days you are as likely to be reaching out to a blogger or vlogger as a traditional journalist!  Content creation is a big deal now, as social media has become a part of daily life for many. Writing a blog post, podcast outline, white paper or social media post is bread and butter work in modern PR life.  Events still figure, but target influencers rather than just journos and can also potentially be online only, if appropriate.

My approach

I looooove writing. That’s what brought me into PR and Marketing in the first place. I specialise in creating lively, relevant copy that gets results for my clients. Whether it’s for a website, publication, social media or whatever, I can get your business’ story across successfully in your voice, in a way that showcases your values.  With over twenty years’ experience of working in marketing communications, helping organisations like Aston Martin, Wolseley and Blitz Games Studios to get the right messages across,  you can be confident that I will do a great job for your company.  I have recently expanded my copywriting service to include ghostwriting non-fiction books, which I’m really enjoying. If you’ve got a story you’d like to tell, please get in touch, I can help! A 20-minute discovery call should give you some interesting insights and help us to make sure we’d work effectively together.