My Services

I’m in the business of writing and helping others to write better. There are two ways that I can help you:

If you want to write a book but don’t have the time, or perhaps you’re not a confident writer, then I can ghostwrite your book for you.


Ghostwriting Fast Facts:

Cost: £8997

Duration: Two to six months depending on source material

Outcome: A professionally written final, draft manuscript of on average 30,000 – 50,000 words. Ready to be passed on to a proofreader/editor and then into the production phase of publishing.

If you’d like to find out if ghostwriting is the right service for you, please click on the button below and let’s have a chat.

Book Coaching

Book Coaching Fast Facts

Cost: £4997 for The Blockbuster, a three-month coaching programme, or you can pay in three monthly installments of £1,665.

What you get: 2 x recorded one-hour video coaching calls per month on Zoom, 6 x helpful email resources per month, a personalised action plan, support and accountability.

Outcome: The Blockbuster programme provides you with the structure, tools and encouragement you need to get your book done! The rest is up to you. Most people write their book in three to six months. If you have lots of source material like blog posts, articles, case studies, podcast transcripts or course transcripts, then it’ll take you less time than if you were starting from scratch.

To find out more and have a chat about your book idea, please click on the button below:

Helen helped me understand book writing and finish a book I’d already started. Making it fun and never judgmental, she guided me and supported me when I got ‘stuck’, came up with some creative chapter headings and gave me the confidence to keep going. It’s such a complex world if you’ve never written a book before but Helen makes it an enjoyable experience with easy to follow steps and turning complexity into simplicity. Now I’m proud to have signed with a publisher and will be launching in just a few months – not sure I’d have persevered without her!

Bronwen Vearncombe – Property Investing Foundation

Get Unstuck with your Book Express Call

Not everyone can afford a ghostwriter, or a full book coaching programme for that matter. I get that. However, most people can afford £99 for a highly effective one-hour video call that is designed to work through any major block and gives you the three next steps to get your book moving forward. The Get Unstuck with your Book Express Call is also perfect for people who haven’t got started yet, but aren’t sure if coaching could help them. This is a great way to see how it all works, whilst making real progress. Finally, if you have started writing your book, but have stopped and need an objective, expert view on how to quickly get going again, this is the service for you.

Cost: £99.00 one-off fee, paid for in advance.

Duration: One hour, recorded video call with me using Zoom.

Outcome: Your three most burning questions answered, your three next steps to get your book moving defined.

“Helen’s one-to-one book coaching programme has been amazing for me. I had the ideas, I just didn’t know what to do next! This is where Helen’s wealth of knowledge comes in. She shares with you practical how-to’s from basic research, useful resources, tools and formats, all the way through to general publishing advice. Helen’s approach to coaching is informal, which allows for creative thinking and conversation about ideas, which Helen is expert at. Each month, we get together to discuss progress, ideas and practical solutions to keep the momentum up. The weekly emails with helpful advice assist with flow of the programme, so you feel completely supported. Helen’s flexibility allows for the coaching programme to fit in with your needs, although the meetings are great at making sure things are on the right track. If you are thinking about writing a book yourself, I highly recommend Helen’s services. Helen shares golden nuggets that are invaluable when writing your first book if you need an insight into how it all works.”

Jessica Mooney, Bread For Life

If you’re unsure which service is right for you or want to discuss things, please book in a FREE 20-Minute Coffee Chat here. I’d be delighted to help you.

I want working with me to be totally RISK-FREE. I offer a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee for my book coaching clients, in case you feel the programme’s not right for your needs.