Is this you?

So many options, so little time…

That’s the story I often hear from my clients.  When you run a small business, you wear a lot of hats. Marketing is something that seems to cause a lot of frustration. You want your business to grow and you know you need to take a consistent approach to your marketing. But you just can’t find the time!

A simple solution

That’s where Bergamot comes in.  I’ll start with a thorough review of where you are and what your business goals are. I’ll review any existing marketing strategy and if you don’t have one, I’ll create one for you. Then I’ll work with you to create and implement a simple, but laser-targeted plan, to help you to meet your business goals. Naturally, we’ll have regular reviews to keep everything on track. There’s a lot you could be doing, but focusing on doing a few of the right things consistently will have a far more powerful effect than dipping in and out of many marketing activities.

Look how serene she is, now her marketing is on track!

For more information, please get in touch to schedule a 20 minute discovery call here. I’ll find out more about your business during the call and work out how I can best help you.